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Recycle, Reuse or Resell your outdated iPad after buying a new iPad

Buying your very first Apple iPad is usually a well known purchase so it’s well worth considering what you should do with it after you move on to the following model.

There are lots of choices for ‘getting rid’ of your outdated iPad. Whether you resell, reuse or recycle your old iPad after purchasing the latest iPad depends on the state of it.

Recycling your iPad

If you’re unlucky as to have a busted iPad, the choice is pretty much restricted to trustworthy recycling – that is, to not simply throw it into the garbage so that it ends up in landfill.

Electronic products in the rubbish are not good news for the environment since the dangerous chemicals they release into the water tables and soil. A recycling company will make sure your old iPad is recycled in a suitable way.

Reselling your old iPad

You could be capable of selling your old iPad to somebody inside your circle who desires one, can’t pay for a brand new one and also doesn’t mind second-hand. There is certainly still plenty of kudos to owning an iPad that 2nd hand models command a fair resale price on Internet auction sites.

The initiative of Apple

Apple has got a Recycle and Reuse program for many of their products, including the iPad. To take advantage of this initiative just go to the official Apple internet site and click on the Reuse and Recycle program section of the web site.

Begin by telling Apple about your product. In this case, just let them know that the item is an iPad. To be eligible for the Reuse and Recycle program the item entered has to be a recognised item.

Consumers then will get an exact price approximation for their item. This estimation is provided by Dataserv which is a company that offers price estimates dependant upon the present market price of the product. This means that consumers can be sure that they’ll receive a good price for their iPad.

Once the price estimate is given via Dataserv, a prepaid shipping label will be sent to the user in the post. This should then be put onto the packaging after it’s been packed. Then the package will be sent off for verification. Dependant upon the quoted price for the consumer’s iPad, this number will then be deposited straight into the account via direct bank transfer.

Consumers who decide to use this initiative can put any money from the resale towards the buying of a brand new iPad. Normally, you can expect to receive about 25% of your original cost back. Naturally, if you don’t wish to buy a brand new iPad, you can use your money to purchase any other product from Apple.

It should be noted that the direct bank deposit only applies to customers in the UK. US Customers will, instead, be presented an Apple gift card which may be used on other Apple products. Other countries could have different policies concerning Apple’s Reuse and Recycle program.

It’s not a secret that Apple is consistently bringing out new products and gadgets. And, for most people, it may be quite hard to stay updated with the newest trends and gadgets available. For this reason following the trends has been made a lot more accessible to everyone mainly because handing in an older version of iPad means that the next iPad can be purchased in part by the sale of the outdated iPad through the Reuse & Recycle program.

Last month I recieved a new iPad. Rather than giving it to someone or storing it away I recycled it. The web site CompareMyMobile allows you to get the top price if you decide to recycle your ipad.

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